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Hair-Trigger Casey Full Movie Hindi Download

by tomslanewhe, 17 hours ago


After having been gone for some time, a cowboy comes home to his ranch to find himself up against a gang involved in smuggling Chinese into the country. Captain Frank Casey of the U.S. Army Cavalry, known as "Hair-Trigger", a sobriquet given to him from his WWI days because of his prowess with a Colt 45 and his sudden outbursts or temper, is given a message from the Border Patrol by his orderly Snowflake. It says there is trouble down on his ten-thousand acre ranch on the border. 'Pears that somebody is smuggling illegal Chinese immigrants across the border. Casey takes a ten day leave to check it out. His ranch is being run by his brother Dave and the foreman, Karney, who was with Casey in his overseas company as a highly-trusted aide. Casey goes to dinner in Chinatown, and sees a man knock down a Chinaman and take off just ahead of a hurled hatchet. Not the last hurled hatchet in this one. Casey overtakes the fleeing man and finds out it is Karney, who gives a vague reason for being there. "Just out for a little Chop Suey, Cap. " Back at the ranch, Casey and Snowflake learn that ranch hand Slim Elkins has been killed the night before and Casey finds a clue --- a silver concho. Colton of the Border Patrol informs Casey that another group of Chinese is about to be smuggled over the border by a Mexican missing a concho. Cut to a Mexican releasing four Chinese from beneath a cabin, robbing them of their money, leaving them bound and gagged and preparing to take off just as he spots Casey riding up on Starlight. But Jane Elkins comes along in her sporty convertible roadster which the Mexican seizes and takes Jane along as a hostage. But Casey and Starlight take a shortcut and intercept the car, take the Mexican prisoner and he turns out to be Karney, who gets a lecture from Casey about ingratitude and treachery. Karney, not in the mood for a lecture from his commanding officer from a war that ended 18 years ago, crashes through a window and makes for a horse. Oops... look out for that hatchet! Must have been the guy he knocked down in Chinatown in reel two... the other four are still tied up. Casey has wrapped everything up in two days and decides to spend the remaining eight days of his leave with Jane. Jack Perrin (Captain Casey), Betty Mack (Jane Elkins), Wally Wales (Dave Casey), Fred Toones (Snowflake), Ed Cassidy (Karney), Dennis Moore (Lieutenant Brooks), Robert Walker (Colton), Phil Dunham (Abner), Victor Wong (Lee Fin), and "Starlight".

Director: HARRY FRASER. Screenplay: Weston Edwards. Story: Monroe Talbot. Photography: Robert Cline. Film editor: Arthur A. Brooks. Music effects: Lee Zahler. Assistant director: William Nolte. Sound engineer: T. Triplett. Producer: William Berke.

Not copyrighted 1936 by William Berke Productions. A Berke Perrin Blue Ribbon Western, released by Atlantic Pictures: 19 February 1936. No New York opening. 59 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: An army captain comes to the rescue of his rancher brother when border smugglers shoot one of his men.

COMMENT: Why is Jack Perrin in the army in this one? So that the producer can introduce a whole segment of WW1 stock footage, that's why. With one exception, the rest of this movie is of like cut-price quality. Clichéd writing, broom-cupboard sets, hammy acting (though I must admit Ed Cassidy fooled me), an innocuous heroine, a few location snips with minimal action, drearily nondescript direction. Plus an extra-special raspberry for the repulsive racial slur so heartily perpetrated by Fred Toones.

As for the one exception referred to above: — close-out music, would you believe? Not that anyone would be left in the theater to enjoy it.

Still, cliché collectors will have a field day. Samples: "This is a fine how-do-you-do!" — "Dead men tell no tales." — "Forewarned is fore-armed." — "We'll put a stop to this once and for all. Round up all the men you can trust."

No wonder Jack Perrin's star not only waned but simply disappeared! Starting with stirring music -- maybe the best part of the movie -- by Lee Zahler, a terribly under-rated music director in Hollywood, "Hair-Trigger Casey" jumps right into action.

Jack Perrin and Snowflake (really a good actor, but usually cast in this cardboard characterization) and Dennis, sometimes Denny, Moore, who is billed as Denny Meadows, are introduced immediately, and you know this movie is gonna MOVE.

"You just get back from one war and start trainin' for another," are the prophetic words from Snowflake as the Harry L. Fraser story gets started on a topic that is still timely, 80 years later.

Besides a good story, there is an excellent cast. Phil Dunham as Abner is a stand-out, and Wally Wales, known here by his later name of Hal Taliaferro, shows he was not only a great cowboy, but an actor.

All up and down the cast list are familiar and admired performers, and I highly recommend "Hair-Trigger Casey," which can be found at YouTube. a5c7b9f00b

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